About M Culinary

Arizona's Premier Catering Company

From exclusive gatherings featuring renowned guests to groundbreaking events etched into public memory, M Culinary Concepts epitomizes “catering choreography”—delivering meticulously orchestrated dining affairs, complete with impeccable service and thoughtful aesthetics. When M takes charge of catering, anticipate nothing short of an extraordinary experience.

Our Team

Chefs and meal crafters with decades of experience. Captains and servers who hold themselves to elite standards. Leaders who lift our operations to new heights.

Spark Joy Through Food

At M Culinary, we’re driven by a shared passion: crafting unforgettable culinary experiences. From sourcing the finest ingredients to delivering seamless service, each aspect is imbued with a sense of delight. This fervor sparks our creativity and propels our dedication to surpassing your every expectation.

It Started With A Restaurant

Michael’s at the Citadel opened its doors in September of 1997. When Chef Michael DeMaria and Brandon Maxwell —along with original partner Harlan Berman—began their culinary dream, the first chapter of our treasured history unfolded.


At M Culinary, serving our community is not only a tradition but also a heartfelt passion. When we’re not orchestrating exquisite events, you’ll discover us dedicating our time, talents, and resources to enriching the world around us.

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