Compassion. Camaraderie. Commitment.

Service to the community is a passion and a tradition at M Culinary Concepts. We hold dear the people we serve and the planet we share. We’re committed to giving back and contributing positively to our environment, whether that’s donating tens of thousands of pounds of rescued food from the WM Phoenix Open or finding new ways to cook and deliver sustainably for the environment.

Our team works hard every day to serve our clients and colleagues. You’ll find us investing our time, talents and resources to support and improve the lives of those around us, from global causes to local organizations.


M Culinary Concepts practices environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. Whenever possible, we source ingredients and materials from local suppliers and minimize waste through the use of 100% compostable disposable service ware and packaging, and partner with organizations to rescue leftover food. Our fleet management program reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Leftover Food Rescue

Every day, millions of dollars’ worth of food goes to waste, while thousands go hungry in the Phoenix area. We partner with Waste Not, an organization that fights hunger while combating waste in the environment.

Their trucks are on the road six days per week, beginning at 6:30 am, collecting an average of 10,000 pounds of excess perishable food daily from caterers and grocers—food that would otherwise be thrown away—and deliver it same day to more than 60 diverse agencies that feed the hungry including schools, daycare centers, rehabilitation centers, and senior facilities.

Composting and Bio-Recycling

We deliver food scraps and food waste to Arizona Worm Farm regularly to contribute to composting and bio-recycling efforts. The Worm Farm team uses our product to make compost which is used as food for worms and flora. The worms, in turn, are used as food for chickens that produce eggs for human consumption, as are the fruits and vegetables produced by plants and trees in soil mixed with the compost.